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A spreadable pelletized poison for the broad acre control of both snails and slugs. Breaks down in the soil after time leaving no harmful residues.

Scatter product evenly around shelter sites, when adult snails and slugs are most active (preferably immediately after rain, or during humid, overcast weather, and when green plant material is limited). Late summer and early autumn rains provide ideal application windows.

Application Rate
5 g/m² - Do Not heaps pellets. When applying into crops ensure pellets do not become lodged in plant foliage


Low toxicity to pets compared to other baits that contain metaldehyde and methiocarb. (Care should still be taken not to allow pets to consume product.)
Does not contain poison.
Can be used near waterways.
Slowly degrades with moisture over several weeks.
Rain fast.
Baiting programs can be optimised by achieving adequate pellet densities (30 to 60m2 ).
May require re-application in problem areas.

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