Premium Potting Mix

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Aussie Organics Premium Potting Mix is formulated from selected quality organic materials. With added controlled release fertiliser, trace elements and wetting agent to provide your plants with the best possible growing conditions.

This Premium Potting Mix is suitable for use on all types of containers, large or small. This is a premium grade potting mix, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Controlled release fertiliser has been added for up to 9 months to this mix to ensure the perfect balance of nutrients for healthy plant growth.

With the inclusion of a wetting agent, this mixture will assist in water penetration, eliminating water run-off and improving the re-wettability of the potting mixture.

Premium Potting Mix is suitable for use in hanging baskets, tubs, indoor and outdoor pots and for repotting & planting. Suitable for a range of potted colour, herbs, vegetables, citrus and fruit trees - as well as some of our Aussie native plants.

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