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The "Winpara Gold" cultivar of Grevillea (Grevillea olivacea x thelemanniana) graces gardens with vibrant yellow flowers adorned with contrasting red styles, coming to life from Djeran (autumn) to Kambarang (late spring). This large shrub is not just a feast for the eyes but also a favourite among native birds, inviting a lively and melodious atmosphere. Hailing from Western Australia, its robust and hardy nature ensures it thrives in various conditions.

When planting "Winpara Gold" in the ground, consider amending poor or sandy soils with a quality soil conditioner to give it the best start. Its resilience shines as it matures, growing increasingly drought-resistant over time. To maintain its radiant display, nourish it with a low-phosphorus native fertiliser during Djilba (early spring).

Botanical Name Grevillea olivacea x thelemanniana ssp. Preissii
Common Name  Olive Grevilla, Spider-Net Grevillea, Hummingbird Bush
Cultivar Winpara Gold
Medium Natives
PBR Name
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 2 - 3 M
Width 2 - 3 M
Light Full sun to part shade
Soil Well draining, loamy/sandy soil enriched with mature compost. Avoid fresh or strong manures which can burn roots.
Water Requirement
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Yellow with red styles
Flower Time Djeran (autumn) to Kambarang (late spring)
Toxicity Can cause contact dermatites in some people, leading to an allergic reaction. Otherwise non-toxic to humans. Potentially mildly toxic to animals if ingested.

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