Correa alba - COASTAL PINK™ - Native Fuchsia 'COR10' PBR

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"Coastal Pink™", a cultivar of the Native Fuchsia (Correa alba), enchants garden enthusiasts with its soft, light pink blossoms. As a medium-sized shrub, its blooms peak from Djeran (Autumn) to Djilba (early spring), adding a delicate splash of colour during these cooler seasons.

Ideal for both pot and in-ground planting, those choosing the latter in sandy or inferior soils will benefit from mixing in a quality soil conditioner. Positioning "Coastal Pink™" in a location with full to partial sunlight is preferred. For peak vibrancy and health, nourish with a native plant fertiliser during its flowering months of Djeran (Autumn) and Djilba (early spring).

Botanical Name Correa alba var. rosea
Common Name  White Correa, Native Fuchsia
Cultivar Coastal Pink™
Medium Natives
PBR Name COR10
Origin Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 2 M
Width 2 M
Light Full sun to part shade
Soil Well-draining is imperative. Otherwise tolerant of most soil types. Appreciates some extra soil conditioner mixed in at planting.
Water Requirement Keep watered during its first year. Once established is drought-hardy, but will perform better with regular water through hot weather.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Soft, light pink
Flower Time Djeran (Autumn) to Djilba (Early Spring)
Toxicity There is no record of Correa plants being toxic to humans or animals, though caution is advised as Correa appears to be poorly researched in this area. If it was toxic though it would be expected there would be reports online.

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