Colocasia esculenta - ILLUSTRIS - Taro

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The Taro "Illustris" (Colocasia esculenta) captivates with its striking, dark green leaves that showcase bold purple-black markings. This visual drama adds a tropical flair to any garden or outdoor space, making it a favoured choice among plant enthusiasts. As a perennial herbaceous plant, "Illustris" can serve as a standout feature in garden beds, pots, or even water gardens.

When planting "Illustris" in the ground, it's beneficial to enrich poor, sandy soils with a quality soil conditioner. It thrives in full to partial sunlight and requires consistent moisture, especially when situated in water gardens. During Djilba and Kambarang (late winter and spring), feeding the plant with a balanced fertiliser is recommended to support its growth and maintain the vibrancy of its foliage.

Botanical Name Colocasia esculenta
Common Name  Taro
Cultivar Illustris
PBR Name
Origin Bay of Bengal
Foliage Deciduous / Makuru (Winter) semi-dormant
Height 1 - 2 M
Width 1 - 2 M
Light Bright, indirect sunlight
Soil Well drained
Water Requirement Loves water! Keep soil moist
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Yellow/Green
Flower Time Infrequent

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