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The Bleeding-Heart Vine, scientifically known as Clerodendrum thomsoniae, dazzles with its bright white flowers juxtaposed against a deep red corolla during Birak and Bunuru (summer to early autumn). This deciduous plant is both eye-catching and versatile, suitable as an ornamental focal point in gardens or as a statement piece in pots. Its cascading blooms and green foliage make it a charming addition to vertical garden spaces or as a stand-alone shrub.

When opting to plant the Bleeding-Heart Vine in the ground, enriching poor, sandy soils with a quality soil conditioner is highly beneficial. It prefers sunny to partially shaded positions and requires regular watering, adjusting based on the season's demands. During Djilba (early spring), as soon as new growth appears, a dose of balanced liquid fertiliser helps promote vigorous growth and prolific flowering in the subsequent seasons.

Botanical Name Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Common Name  Bleeding-Heart Vine, Glory-Bower
Climbers and Creepers
PBR Name
Origin Tropical West Africa
Foliage Deciduous / Makuru (Winter) semi-dormant
Height Can climb up to 3 - 4 M
Width Can climb up to 3 - 4 M
Light Required bright, indirect sunlight
Water Requirement
Flower Colour
Flower Time

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