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The cultivar "Frosty Red" of Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos rufus hybrid) offers deep rust-red flower which can bloom year-round. "Frosty Red" includes a unique and striking feature with its flower stems, which bear the appearance of being coated in icy frost. A hardy, drought-resistant plant once established, it can thrive either in the ground or in pots, suiting various garden styles and locations. If planted in sandy soils, mixing in organic matter will help nourish and support the growth of this extraordinary plant.

For best results, prune "Frosty Red" hard to the ground in early Djeran (Autumn), and fertilise with native fertiliser during Djilba (late Winter to early Spring) and Djeran. Its frosty flower stems and rich red blooms create an impressive and vivid visual appeal in gardens, borders, or containers, adding an exotic and engaging touch to any outdoor setting.

Botanical Name Anigozanthos rufus hybrid
Common Name  Kangaroo Paw
Cultivar Frosty Red
Kangaroo Paws
PBR Name ARS01
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 30 - 60 cm
Width 30 - 60 cm
Light Full sun
Soil Plant in sandy/loamy soil enriched with aged compost/soil conditioner. Sensitive to fresh manures. Can be planted in a pot/container in a native potting mix.
Water Requirement Water moderately through hot weather for best results. Once established, will only require hand-watering in cool weather during long periods of drought.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Deep rust-red
Flower Time Djilba - Bunuru (Early Spring to Late Summer), can also flower during Djeran (Autumn)
Toxicity Moderately toxic to dogs if ingested. Mildly toxic to other pets and humans if ingested.

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