Alternanthera dentata - LITTLE RUBY™ - Ruby Leaf 'LRU30' PBR

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"Little Ruby" is a standout cultivar of Alternanthera dentata, primarily celebrated for its rich burgundy-coloured foliage that offers a stunning contrast in gardens. This compact, mounding perennial is both an aesthetic focal point and a versatile choice for gardeners. Whether as a vibrant border plant, a decorative filler, or as an attention-grabbing feature in pots, its striking hue is a garden treasure.

Thriving in both pots and in-ground planting, "Little Ruby" prefers full sun to part shade and can adapt to a variety of soil types. In warmer months, regular watering ensures its lush appearance, while in cooler conditions, reducing the frequency keeps it in optimal shape. For those planting in sandy soils, incorporating compost or organic matter will boost its growth. A light application of a balanced slow-release fertiliser in early spring helps maintain its vibrant leaf colour throughout the season.

Botanical Name Alternanthera dentata
Common Name  Ruby Leaf
Cultivar Little Ruby™
PBR Name LRU30
Origin Brazil, West Indies
Foliage Evergreen
Height 30 - 40 cm
Width 60 - 90 cm
Light Full sun to part shade
Water Requirement
Flower Colour
Flower Time

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