Weed N Feed Double Action Granular

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  • Fast acting with visible weed control within days
  • Rapid greening of the lawn
  • Ideal for weeds such as thistles and dandelions
  • Safe for buffalo & other common lawn types. A safer option if you’re unsure what lawn type you have
  • The iron has a salt burn effect so that flatweeds receive a relatively severe burn compared to the vertical blades of grass
  • Soluble iron and nitrogen are absorbed by the root system to provide strong green growth

Feeling soft green grass under your feet is one of the pleasures of having a garden. But when weeds start to creep in, it can turn lush green grass in to dry, scratchy scrub.

Yates Weed ‘n’ Feed Granular helps control large areas of broadleaf weeds, such as thistles, bindii and dandelions, within days. Weeds are most effectively controlled when in the early stages of growth, and Weed ‘n’ Feed is best applied before weeds flower and set seed.

Fast acting and safe on all types of lawn, including buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu and Queensland Blue, you can use it safe in the knowledge you’ll eradicate weeds while keeping your grass looking green and in great condition.

Keeping your grass healthy at the same time as eradicating weeds is essential, which is why Weed ‘n’ Feed also contains a fertiliser. Containing nitrogen and iron, it encourages the growth of lush green leaves, strengthens the grass, and promotes a deep, green colour.

The granular formula is easy to use, making keeping your lawn weed-free even easier. Just sprinkle it on your lawn to get rid of flatweeds while leaving the rest of the grass standing tall and green. You’ll notice fewer weeds and greener grass quickly, with minimum effort. Too easy.

Selective control of most broadleaf weeds in home garden lawns with nitrogen fertiliser for healthy green lawn growth.


  • 50g/kg Iron (Fe) present as Ferrous Sulphate

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