Vertical Planter

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The Vertical Planter System is a modular self-watering wall planter.
  • Each planter is 46cm long.
  • Plants can be placed in their pots (takes up to 12 cm diameter pots) or planted directly into compost using the planting tray. Each planter will take up to three x 12cm pots.
  • The roots are kept constantly damp by the reservoir of water in the base.
  • Running an irrigation pipe along the top row of planters, the water flows into them and then when reservoir is full overflows to the one below.
  • The planters are designed to be easily applied to walls in a variety of methods. They can be clipped securely onto 50 mm welded mesh or screwed onto vertical or horizontal wooden laths.
  • Designed to be spaced 20cm above each other leaves plenty of space for plants to grow and hide the planter
  • Depending on the plant type and size, 8-10 planters are required per one square metre of wall. 

Priced per individual vertical planter.

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