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Aussie Organics Turf Revitaliser is 100% organic and a fully composted lawn fertiliser. Ingredients used during the composting processur include shredded garden organics, animal manures, forestry residues and fresh water. Screened to 8mm size - perfect as an underlay before installing new lawn or as a top dress for existing lawns.


  • Organic lawn fertiliser - for use by both home gardeners and commercial contracters
  • Finely screened for ease of application and quick absorption into the soil for rapid results
  • Fully composted and stable product that has beneficial nutrients for root & leaf health
  • Increase soil nutrient availability and increased biological activity
  • Stores up to 50% of its own weight in water
  • Has an earthy odour and safe to use

Application & Rates

Underlay (new installation):
Clear the area - remove all weeds, plant, sticks and stones - level with a rake. Add a 20mm layer of Turf Revitaliser to the area and incorporate to a depth of 200mm. thoroughly water before laying the lawn. 15 bags of Turf Revitaliser will cover approximately 80 - 100 square metres. Water at least once a day for 4 to 6 weeks until the lawn is established.

Top Dress (maintenance):
The ideal time for lawn maintenance is during Spring and throughout Summer. If the soil underneath the lawn is compacted, aerate before applying Turf Revitaliser. Spread over the lawn at a thickness of 10 - 20 mm - rake to distribute evenly. Water thoroughly after each application for the best results. Apply Turf Revitaliser at least twice a year - Spring and early Summer.

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