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A formulated blend of MCPA, Clopyralid and Diflufenican for the control of certain broadleaf weeds in turf through both leaf and root uptake.

Apply to young, actively growing weeds in moderate temperature.
Add a wetting agent for plants that with water-repelling leaves.
Rain fast after 4 hours

Time to effect
1-3 weeks - yellow/white spotting, twisting and cupping, flattening and loss of turgor may all occur followed by death.

Do not mow for 3-4 days prior to or post application.
Be wary of drift; many species are highly susceptible (e.g. Brassica, tomato, kangaroo paw, roses, grapes, pulses).
Use higher water rates where possible.
Avoid exceeding application rates through overlapping

Mode of Action
Foliar, shoot and some root uptake, readily translocated – causes unregulated growth, inhibits carotenoid synthesis and destroys cells.

Withholding Period
3 months - Do not graze or cut for poultry or stock food, or use as mulch; residues are highly damaging to susceptible plants.

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