Troforte M Fruit And Citrus

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Troforte M Fruit and Citrus

Microbes + Minerals + Controlled Release Fertiliser ideal for gardens with any plants, fruits or vegetables

6 Month controlled release nutrients

  • Designed specifically for Fruit and Citrus trees
  • Up to 60 minerals and 24 species of beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi specifically chosen to enhance fruit taste and produce better yields
  • Develops the soil to promote drought resistance
  • After continued use you will notice earthworms returning to your soil creating better drainage and soil aeration
  • Suitable for potted and in-ground fruit and citrus trees.
  • Stronger plants means enhanced protection from pests and diseases
  • For the best results, apply Troforte® Fruit and Citrus every 6 months with an additional application prior to flowering and fruit set, if necessary

    Troforte® All Purpose Liquid Plant food can also be applied every 3 months to boost beneficial microbial populations in your soil.

    Used in combination, the liquid and granular products will work in conjunction to create a carbon rich organic food that will help further boost soil microbial populations and help nutrient uptake to be optimised.

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