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Botanical Name: Cynara scolymus

approx 50 seeds

This gourmet ‘vegetable’ is actually a flower head of the plant and very popular in French cuisine. Violet de Provence has colourful heads and a finer flavour than green varieties. Perennial plant in frost free areas and resilient once established.

How To Grow

Sow thinly to 10mm (1/2in) deep and cover lightly with fine soil. Firm gently and keep moist. Care Transfer into final growing position when large enough to handle, spacing plants 1m (3ft) apart. Water regularly and fertilise each Spring. From the second year, pick the artichokes when swollen, but before the scales open.

When To Plant Spring/Summer
Sow Spring, Summer
Soil Type fertile, well drained
When All year.
Where Direct into a well-prepared seed bed.
How Sow Sow 5mm (1/4in) deep in blocks or rows 20cm (8in) apart. Cover lightly, with fine soil and gently firm down. Seedlings appear in 10-14 days.
Care Thin out plants to 5cm (2in) apart. Keep moist and weed free. Harvest: 10-12 weeks from sowing.

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