Regenerate Elixir

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Certified Organic Regenerate Elixir 

MSDS Regenerate Elixir 2023


Well, well, well, if it isn't the latest and greatest in plant pampering – a day spa for your plants! Finally, our green friends can enjoy some much-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation after a hard day of photosynthesis.

These deep massaging layers of lavish biostimulants are like a day spa day in a bottle for your plants. With amino acids, marine extracts, and humate traces, your plants will feel like they just had a full-body massage with a seaweed wrap. I can already hear the plants saying "Ooh-la-la" in delight!

This Bio Stimulant is full of trace elements and nutrients ( a little like the Nutrient Rock Star but in liquid form) 

  • It has Calcium 3 % , Magnesium 1 % ,Potassium 5%

What is it? What does it do? How does it work?

Regenerate Elixir is a biostimulant It enhances photosynthetic efficacy It is fueled by essential nutrients

What is it perfect for?

  • Rejuvenation of plants

What are the benefits?

  • It is packed with natural growth hormones

Why does it work?

  • It's biologically active


  • It increases crop yield
  • increases plant vigor
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • River & groundwater safe
  • Agriculture grade

How To Use Regenerate Elixir

Use Regenerate Elixir every month. Every other month apply Soil Dynamics Jurassic Juice & Happy Gut Tonic & The Protein Shake once every fortnight in rotation to provide added soil and plant health benefits. An important point to note here is that the area that one person's watering can cover will differ from another persons. Our application rates are based on one watering can covering about 8-10 m2. The soil condition and stage of plant growth will also govern how much to use, but the key to using these organic concentrates is to ensure that:

  1. the plant leaves are covered to a point of runoff
  2. the soil area around the base of the plant has been showered
  3. always hose residue off well to prevent burning

Note: 1 level cap = 20ml. 1 standard watering can = 9 litres.

Soil Drench:

This is the most common way to use the product. Simply dilute into a watering can and apply to the plant leaves and soil surface.

Foliar Spray:

Some people like to use handheld or backpack sprayers to apply their products. It is a very efficient way of feeding plants. A fine mist needs to be created so that leaf surfaces are covered. Simply dilute into a sprayer with water and cover leaf surfaces until runoff.

Application rates

General Purpose 60-100ml /9lt 5-10ml/1ltlt
Stressed Treees 100ml/9lt 10ml/1lt

Note: when the need for stimulating growth is great(at bud burst, first flower, and growth stages) apply the 1st or 2nd rates of 120-180ml per 9lt.

IMPORTANT: Shake well before use and don’t store in premixed form. Do not apply to plant leaves during the heat of the day when temperatures are above 28 degrees. Morning and evening are the best times to apply.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 2.01%
Phosphorus 0.4%
Potassium 5.02%
Sulphur 0.44%
Calcium 3.1%
Magnesium 0.9%
Sodium 0.25%
Iron 485 ppm
Manganese 8920 ppm
Zinc 5960 ppm
Copper 1.82 ppm
Boron 2100 ppm
Molybdenum 85 ppm
Organic Carbon 13.8
pH 5.96

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