Paros Cover Pot Sand Grey Wood

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Size: 140 mm
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High-quality material mix: “Paros Deluxe” combines ceramic with wood.

Stylish design

In this series, design comes before function. As a result, the pot and saucer are an optical highlight.

Material combination

A high-quality appearance is created by combining ceramic and wood.

Lively surface structure

The natural surface is another highlight, both in terms of its look and feel.

Recommended plants

Green plants or succulents such as dracaena, zamioculcas or aloe vera.

Cover Pots

These pots are cover pots and do not have any drainage holes. Not suitable for direct planting.

Cover pots are best utilised by placing a slightly smaller plastic pot with a plant inside. You can then take the plant out to water it in the sink/outside, or swap plants inside the cover pot as desired. Be cautious of over-watering plants directly inside cover pots as there is nowhere for the water to drain.

Check our Pot Size Guide to see what size plastic pot will fit inside your cover pot.

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