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Charlie Charcoal™ is a high quality horticultural charcoal/biochar that is of great benefit in sandy soils.  As a permanent source of carbon, charcoal acts as a sponge to hold onto water and nutrients (having a high cation exchange capacity or CEC) and has a very large surface area - making it an ideal home for millions of beneficial soil microbes.

Charlie Charcoal™ is quite unique among biochars as it has a very low pH, so will be hugely beneficial to people in coastal regions that struggle in limestone/sandy soil; and it also means that Charlie Charcoal™ is a great addition to pots and planters where you are wanting to grow acid loving plants (eg. azaleas, camellias, blueberries, gardenias).

25L bag will treat 5-12 square metres depending on application rate.  For VERY sandy soil or to lower pH, use at the higher rate (and up to 12L per square metre).

Key benefits of using Charlie Charcoal™ in your soil are:

 Lowers pH of alkaline soils which improves mineral uptake by plants
 Increases nutrient holding capacity in the root zone.
 Supports soil microbial activity which help feed your plants.
 Provides high level of silicon which improves plant disease resistance
 Provides high levels of iron which combats iron deficiency and leaf chlorosis.
 Low phosphorus levels make it safe for use on native plants.
 An excellent addition to compost bins and can reduce smells.
 Improves wettability and water holding capacity in sandy soils
 Increases soil organic matter and carbon levels on a permanent basis.
 Improves paramagnetism

Charlie Charcoal™ Analysis:
• Cation Exchange Capacity: 24
• Paramagnetism: 750
• Organic matter content 96%
• Conductivity (1:5 water) 0.057 mS/cm
• High silicon content 161 ppm
• High iron content 182 ppm
• Low phosphorus 13 ppm
Application Rates:
• A minimum of 2-5 lts / m² is recommended. Apply higher rates on sandy soils.
• Turn into the top 100 mm of soil.
• Add between 10% by volume to potting mixes
• Add up to 40% by volume when a low pH growing medium is required.
• Add up to 10% by volume when making compost to support microbial activity
• Charlie Charcoal™ is a perfect accompaniment to Rocky Rock Dust™

Charlie Charcoal™ is non-toxic and safe to use for all plants. It is Certified Organic. The use of a dust mask is recommended when this product is dry as fine dust particles may become airborne.
Charlie Charcoal™ should not be applied where a source of ignition could ignite a high concentration of airborne particles.

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