Mineral Magic Lawn Conditioner

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Mineral Magic Lawn Conditioner

Mineral Magic is made from Biogenic Amosphous Silica (BAS) sourced from the Pilbara in Western Australia.

Scientifically proven to dramatically and permanently increase the water-holding-capacity of all soils, with studies showing that even 1 part BAS per 100 parts sand increased the water-holding-capacity by 40%, improving to 60% at 5 parts per 100.

As a result, plant stress is reduced, increasing pest/disease resistance and resulting in much healthier plants and lawns.

Application Rates & Instructions:

The recommended rate for garden beds and lawns in 500g per square meter.
1 x 10 kg bag will improve 20 square meters of soil
1 x 20 kg bag will improve 40 square meters of soil.
Higher rates can be mixed into soil directly underneath and around freshly planted plants to vastly improve their establishment.
Mineral Magic does not contain micro-organisms, so for best results it should be used in conjunction with Premium Soil Conditioner.

Mineral Magic is a permanent addition to the soil.

To support the results of our Agronomy team, Mineral Magic has been independently assessed by the following reputable bodies below and has passed their rigorous assessment to display their logos as an accredited certified supplier:

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