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The Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector from The Buzz allows outdoor use of Insect Catcher adhesive traps and prevents accidental trapping of non-target birds and wildlife.

  • Solid plastic casing.
  • Comes with 1 sticky trap inside cage.
  • Stops accidental trapping of birds and wildlife.
  • Easy to mount to bamboo stakes or hang.
  • Includes Outdoor Insect Catcher sheet.

Open the cage.
Insect yellow sticky paper
Snap shut cover.
Insert cane in back of cover or hang within vulnerable crops.

NOTE: DO NOT USE OUTDOORS WITHOUT PROTECTOR CAGE. Sticky traps can trap birds, lizards and other wildlife as well as insects. Avoid a tragedy, use Sticky Traps only indoors or outdoors with a protective cage.

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