Hy-Gen Cocopeat Block 9L

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Hydroponic Generation's (Hygen's) Chemist and Owner has reviewed internationally certified processes and formulated a unique buffering process. This ensures consistent quality in each batch, meeting the highest standards.

Hygen Coco Brick batches are regularly laboratory tested to ensure they meet the analysis required. This provides a guarantee of quality.

Hygen Coco Peat is pH stabilised to maintain steady pH conditions around the root zone. Calcium / Magnesium are used to buffer the coco peat to assist in conditioning and to eliminate nuisance chemicals such as sodium. Hygen Coco Peat is compatible with leading soluble coco specific nutrients.

Hygen Coco Brick suitability

Hygen Coco is great for the home gardener through to large-scale commercial growers. It’s suitable for a broad number of crops and can also be used as bedding for worm farms since it does not contain any added harmful chemicals. Predominantly use in Hydroponics for vegetables in Run To Waste systems, where fast growth is necessary. Expect to water a large flowering vegetable plant twice a day in the run to waste format.

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