Gigante Terracotta Bowl

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Size: 190 mm
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Authentic Italian terracotta moulded into a pleasant terracotta bowl shape. 

These pots are unsealed, making them ideal for plants that like extra good drainage, such as succulents, cacti and some indoor plants. Other plants can be planted in terracotta pots, but they will either need extra watering during warm weather, or the pot will need to be sprayed with a pot sealer prior to planting.

Comes with a drainage hole at the base. The table below lists the correct saucer size you will need to correspond to each pot size.

Pot Size

Saucer to Fit

190 mm

S: 170 mm

270 mm

S: 230 mm

320 mm

S: 250 mm

370 mm

S: 310 mm

420 mm

S: 360 mm

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