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The Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) is a celebrated Western Australian native, renowned for its vibrant red blooms that adorn the tree and enliven any landscape. As a medium-sized tree, it adds vertical interest and a splash of colour, making it a prized choice for garden enthusiasts seeking a standout feature. However, while seed-grown specimens typically showcase brilliant red flowers, due to natural hybridisation with trees like Corymbia calophylla (Marri), the blossoms can also present in various shades of pink, and even white, offering a delightful surprise once the tree matures.

When considering its placement, it's essential to provide ample space due to its potent roots, which can be disruptive if positioned too close to structures. For optimal growth in sandy soils, enriching the ground with a soil conditioner is recommended. This tree flourishes best in full sun and appreciates well-draining soil. To maintain its vigour, occasional feeding with a native plant fertiliser will suffice.

A point of intrigue lies in the plant's propensity to hybridise; the true colour of its flowers remains a mystery until they emerge, making every Red Flowering Gum a unique garden treasure.

Botanical Name Corymbia ficifolia
Common Name  Red Flowering Gum
Native Trees
PBR Name
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 10 - 15 M. Some seed variation can result in much smaller trees.
Width 10 - 15 M. Some seed variation can result in much smaller trees.
Light Full sun
Soil Well-draining soil, otherwise tolerant of most soil types.
Water Requirement Give deep, regular waterings during its first year, once it establishes it is drought hardy. May require extra deep watering during heat waves over the first 5 or so years.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Flowers are red in this species, but the plant readily hybridises with other Corymbia such as Corymbia calophylla (Marri) meaning seed-grown trees can flowers in all shades of pink and possibly white as well as red. There's no way of knowing until it flowers. Seed that has been hand-pollinated between two known red-flowering trees should result in a red-flowering seedling.
Flower Time Can flower year-round, but predominately flowers in cooler weather.
Toxicity All Corymbia/Eucalyptus leaves and bark contains Eucalyptus oil which is toxic to humans and pets if ingested. Leaves are difficult to eat and taste bad so it is unlikely they will be eaten by accident. Oil can be an irritant on skin as well.

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