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Grey Cottonhead (Conostylis candicans) is a striking plant, known for its silvery-green tufted foliage and striking yellow flowers that bloom during Djilba to Kambarang (late winter to spring). As a clumping perennial, it adds texture and contrast to garden spaces, making it an eye-catching choice for borders or as a feature in its own right. The soft, cotton-like appearance of its heads adds a unique touch, ensuring it stands out in any landscape setting.

Ideal for planting in the ground or pots, Grey Cottonhead thrives in well-draining soils; those with poor, sandy soils should consider adding a quality soil conditioner for best results. Positioning the plant in full sun will encourage more vigorous flowering, although it can tolerate partial shade. Moderate watering, especially during Birak and Bunuru (summer), and a light application of a native fertiliser during Makuru (winter) will ensure it remains healthy and vibrant.

Botanical Name Conostylis candicans
Common Name  Grey Cottonhead
Small Natives
PBR Name
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 30 - 60 cm
Width 30 - 60 cm
Light Full sun
Soil Sandy/Loamy Well-draining
Water Requirement Drought-hardy once established. Will perform better with water during heat-waves.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Yellow
Flower Time

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