Prunus avium - Trixzie® ROYAL CRIMSON - Dwarf Cherry

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A lovely low chill cherry ideal for regions where there is less winter cold than is traditional for growing cherries. A very sweet, dark red cherry with excellent flavour.
Self-fertile, though will fruit better with a pollination partner of a different variety such as Minnie Royal, Royal Lee and Royal Rainer.
Fruit is a deep, dark red when ripe.
Requires only 250-400 hours of chill making it a guaranteed fruiter in Perth.

Botanical Name Prunus avium 'Mahaleb' select
Common Name  Dwarf Cherry Tree
Cultivar Royal Crimson Trixzie®
Fruiting and Edible
PBR Name
Origin Eurasia
Foliage Deciduous / Makuru (Winter) dormant
Height 1 - 2 M
Width 1 - 2 M
Light Full sun, protected from strong, dry winds.
Soil Well-draining, rich, fertile soil. Can be grown in a container in a premium, well-draining potting mix.
Water Requirement Performs best with regular water through hot weather.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour White to pinkish-white and fragrant
Flower Time Djilba (Early Spring) can sporadically flower year-round except during its dormant Makuru (Winter) season.
Toxicity Cherry pits contain cyanide and are toxic to humans if they are ingested after being blended or crushed. If a few pits are accidentally swallowed whole they are not considered toxic as they will pass through the system. Care should be taken to remove cherry pits prior to blending or eating. Entire plant contains cyanide and is toxic to dogs, cats, horses and other pets if ingested, particularly during Autumn.

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