Melaleuca citrina - KINGS PARK SPECIAL - Lemon Bottlebrush

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Bearing vibrant red blooms primarily during Djilba (spring), the Bottlebrush "Kings Park Special" is a cultivar of Melaleuca citrina (Syn. Callistemon) and is renowned for its profuse flowering nature. Native to Australia, this large shrub can also mature into a small tree, making it a splendid centrepiece or backdrop in a garden, captivating attention with its floral abundance. With its inherent hardiness, "Kings Park Special" demands only occasional supplemental water during the peak of Bunuru (summer) heat waves.

When setting down roots for "Kings Park Special" in the ground, sun-drenched spots are ideal. If faced with sandy, nutrient-lacking soils, incorporating a quality soil conditioner will significantly elevate its vitality. For maintenance, feeding it with a native plant fertiliser during Djilba (spring) bolsters its health, while post-flowering pruning in Kambarang (late spring) helps retain its lush, heavy-flowering characteristic.

Botanical Name Melaleuca citrina (Syn. Callistemon citrinus)
Common Name  Lemon Bottlebrush
Cultivar Kings Park Special
Large Natives
PBR Name
Origin Eastern Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 3 - 4 M
Width 3 - 4 M
Light Full sun
Soil Well-draining, sandy or loamy soils.
Water Requirement Drought-tolerant once established, but will drop leaves to conserve energy if severely dehydrated. Water moderately through hot weather for best results.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Red
Flower Time

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