Bidens ferulifolia - CAMPFIRE - Apache Beggarticks

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The "Campfire" cultivar of Bidens ferulifolia, commonly referred to as Apache Beggarticks, boasts mostly orange-red blooms, occasionally lit with bright yellow centres, mimicking the captivating hues of a live campfire. This radiant floral display effortlessly transforms garden spaces, adding warmth and vibrancy. Its versatile nature makes it a perfect choice for garden beds or as a standout feature in pots.

When planting "Campfire" in the ground, enriching sandy soils with organic matter can promote healthier growth. Situated best in partial to full sunlight, this variety thrives with consistent watering, particularly during the toasty Birak (Summer) season. To ensure its radiant appeal persists, applying a balanced, slow-release fertiliser during Kambarang (Spring) is beneficial. A gentle prune post-flowering can invigorate the plant for the forthcoming flowering cycle.

Botanical Name Bidens ferulifolia
Common Name  Apache Beggarticks
Cultivar Campfire
Cottage Plants
PBR Name
Origin Mexico
Foliage Evergreen
Height 25 - 30 cm
Width 25 - 30 cm
Light Full sun
Water Requirement
Flower Colour
Flower Time

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