Banksia blechnifolia - Southern Blechnum Banksia

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Southern Blechnum Banksia (Banksia blechnifolia) captivates with its ground-hugging form and rustic-orange flower spikes, predominantly blooming during Djilba (late winter/spring). These vibrant blooms, rising above its fern-like foliage, provide a dramatic contrast and offer nectar to local birds, enriching any garden space with both beauty and wildlife activity.

Optimal when planted directly in the ground, this low-growing banksia appreciates well-drained soils, but for those with sandy or less fertile terrains, incorporating organic matter is beneficial. A full sun position suits it best, coupled with regular watering, decreasing the frequency during Djeran (autumn) and Makuru (winter). To bolster its vitality and support flowering, apply a slow-release native fertiliser during Bunuru (late summer/early autumn). If necessary, any light pruning should occur post-flowering to maintain its sprawling form.

Botanical Name Banksia blechnifolia
Common Name  Southern Blechnum Banksia, Groundcover Banksia
PBR Name
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 20 - 50 cm
Width 2 - 4 M
Light Full sun
Soil Must have well-draining, sandy or loamy soil. Will not tolerate heavy clay soils.
Water Requirement Must have good draining, will rot if allowed to sit in standing water in cool weather. Give extra deep water during hot weather in its first year. Drought-hardy once established.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Rustic-orange
Flower Time Makuru to Kambarang (winter to spring)
Toxicity Non-toxic to humans and animals. Some varieties can have sharp/spiky foliage which can cause a skin reaction in some people if touched.

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