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Discover Acacia saligna, a versatile plant that adds elegance to your garden while offering ecological benefits. This adaptable species, whether grown as a tree or a large shrub, boasts delicate, silver-grey foliage that sways gracefully in the breeze, fostering a serene atmosphere that's ideal for unwinding. Whether you're seeking to elevate your outdoor space or introduce a natural element indoors, Acacia saligna seamlessly blends visual allure with functionality.

As either a tree or a large shrub, Acacia saligna presents a myriad of possibilities for gardeners. Its graceful structure makes it a perfect focal point, delivering shade and a tranquil ambiance. When planted directly in the ground, it readily adjusts to various soil types, including sandy or impoverished soils. Enhance soil quality by incorporating organic matter or compost. Flourishing under abundant sunlight, this plant requires minimal watering once established, demonstrating a water-efficient and low-maintenance nature. Be it as a statement piece or a shade provider, Acacia saligna is a remarkable addition that effortlessly marries aesthetics with environmental adaptability.

Botanical Name Acacia saligna
Common Name  Golden-Wreath Wattle
Large Natives
PBR Name
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 7 M
Width 5 M
Light Full Sun / Part Shade
Soil Tolerant of heavy to light soils.
Water Requirement Drought-hardy once fully established
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Yellow
Flower Time Djilba-Kambarang (Spring)

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