Acacia cognata - LIMELIGHT - Bower Wattle

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Introducing Acacia cognata "Limelight," a captivating addition to any garden or indoor space. With its vibrant, soft lime-green foliage, this small shrub brings a touch of elegance and modern flair. Its weeping habit lends a graceful charm, making it a perfect choice for both landscaping and container gardening. Placed strategically, it can add a refreshing pop of color against other plants or create a focal point on its own.

Acacia cognata "Limelight" thrives in a well-draining soil and is adaptable to a range of conditions. It appreciates a sunny to partially shaded spot, and regular watering is essential during its establishment phase. For those with poor, sandy soils, consider enriching the soil with organic matter to ensure optimal growth and vitality. This versatile shrub offers a low-maintenance solution to brighten up your surroundings, making it a must-have for garden enthusiasts and greenery lovers alike.

Botanical Name Acacia cognata
Common Name  Bower Wattle
Cultivar Limelight
Small Natives
PBR Name
Origin South-eastern Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 60 cm
Width 1 M
Light Full Sun to Part Shade
Water Requirement
Flower Colour
Flower Time

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