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MSDS Jurassic Juice 2023

Potassium Humates – Feed Your Microbes
The Best Pure Carbon Concentrate

When it comes to wellness hacks, old is where it's at. And what could be older than compost that's been sitting on the earth for millions of years? I mean, talk about vintage!

But seriously, folks, Jurassic Juice is the perfect way to improve the strength and function of your soil. It can help retain moisture, promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, and unlock vital nutrients for your plants to use.

So why settle for a boring old green smoothie when you could be giving your plants the ultimate sip of ancient power? Let Jurassic Juice take your garden to the next level, and who knows, maybe you'll even attract a few curious pterodactyls looking for a snack!

Not all humates are created equal.

After rigorous (European) scientific research of popular humates sold in Australia, Soil Dynamics humates are the highest quality Humic Materials available in the marketplace.

Soil Dynamics’ humates provide carbon which penetrates the soil providing a solid bridge between all soil components. This creates a vastly improved soil structure making the soil significantly more resilient to moisture loss and nutrient stress.

In a nutshell, humates interact with all soil processes making the soil work more efficiently

Perfect for

  • All soil types! It helps with non-wetting sand and opens tight clays.

What is it, What does it do, How does it work?

  • Natural organic humus extracted from ancient dinosaur compost. It combines with nutrients and minerals in the soil making them more available to plants when they need them. Soluble carbon acts as a catalyst for most soil processes and stimulates beneficial microbes.

Why does it work

  • It is full of carbon and gives life to soil

What are the Benefits

  • Improves soil structure. Adds humus to the soil and feeds microbes. It improves fertiliser efficiency and nutrient uptake.

How To Use Jurassic Juice 

Use Organic Jurassic Juice every month. Every other month apply Soil Dynamics Regenerate Elixir.  Use in concert with Happy Gut Tonic and our Protein Shake on fortnightly rotations with of course our foundation Nutrient Rock Star to provide added soil and plant health benefits by offering a diverse range of different food sources. An important point to note here is that the area that one person’s watering can cover will differ from another person. Our application rates are based on one watering that can cover about 8-10 m2. The soil condition and stage of plant growth will also govern how much to use, but the key to using these organic concentrates is to ensure that:

  1. the plant leaves are covered to a point of runoff
  2. the soil area around the base of the plant has been showered
  3. water into the soil well if using the higher rate
  4. hose off any residue on leaves to prevent burning

Note: 1 level cap = 20ml. 1 standard watering can = 9 litres.

Soil Drench:

This is the most common way to use the product. Simply dilute into a watering can and apply to the plant leaves and soil surface.

Foliar Spray:

Some people like to use handheld or backpack sprayers to apply their products. It is a very efficient way of feeding plants. A fine mist needs to be created so that leaf surfaces are covered. Simply dilute into a sprayer with water and cover leaf surfaces until runoff.

Garden beds 20-40ml 25ml
Large trees 50-100ml 25ml
Stressed Tress 100-200ml 25ml
Container Pots 10-20ml 25ml
Lawns 50-100ml 25ml
Natives 5-10ml 25ml
General 20-40ml 25ml


Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.2%
Phosphorus >1
Potassium 2.2%
Sulphur 0.68%
Calcium 0.11%
Magnesium 0.12%
Sodium 0.05%
Manganese 11.5ppm
Zinc 7.3 ppm
Copper 5.2 ppm
Boron 2.87 ppm
Molybdneum 0.75 ppm
Selenium 0.2 ppm


pH 9.8
Organic Carbon 7.3%
Humic Acid  12%
Fulvic Acid  4.6%

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