Ginkgo biloba - Maidenhair Tree


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The ancient Ginkgo is well-known for its attractive fan-shaped foliage with butter-yellow autumn colour and a distinctive winter branch silhouette. A striking long term landscape feature for larger parks and gardens or avenue plantings. Seedling grown and can be variable in habit but generally exhibits reliable autumn colour.
Foliage is unique, fan-shaped, mid-green leaves turning butter yellow in autumn.
Tree shape is pyramidal to upright oval becoming round. Open structured and strongly branched.

Botanical Name Ginkgo biloba
Common Name  Ginkgo, Gingko, Maidenhair Tree
PBR Name
Origin China
Foliage Deciduous / Makuru (Winter) dormant
Height 10 - 15 M
Width 5 - 10 M
Light Full sun
Soil Well-draining, rich, fertile soil.
Water Requirement Performs best with regular water through hot weather.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Ginkgo is a gymnosperm and does not technically flower, instead producing small pollen cones.
Flower Time Djilba to Kambarang (Spring)
Toxicity Male trees are non-toxic. Female trees can produce seeds which are toxic to humans and animals if ingested. There is no way to tell a male and female Ginkgo apart until these seeds appear.

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