Garden Soil

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Garden Soil is a blend of selected well composted materials and sand/loam, providing an excellent ready-to-plant mix for use in the garden.

Rich in organic carbon that works like a sponge, storing water and nutrients while energising the soil - providing a healthy medium for earthworms and micro-organisms. Essential for plant growth.

Gentle and safe for all plants, Garden Soil can be placed straight into the garden bed without any mixing required. you can plant directly into Garden Soil.


  • Boosts healthy soil microbial activity
  • Reduces watering needs up to 50%, saving water
  • Filled with beneficial nutrients, encouraging healthy plant growth
  • Improves draining and aeration in clay soils
  • Adds body and structure to light sandy soils
  • Naturally suppresses plant diseases
  • Encourages diverse life, such as insects and worms
  • Provides defence against wind and rain erosion

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