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The Golden Rat Tail Cactus, botanically named Cleistocactus winteri, boasts a distinctive charm with its cascading stems densely adorned in golden-yellow spines. Come Djilba (late winter to early spring), this cactus reveals its full splendour, producing striking tubular red blooms that contrast beautifully with its spines. Perfect for those wanting a dash of the unique in their garden or home, this cactus truly shines when placed in hanging baskets, allowing its tendrils to drape dramatically.

Whether in pots, the ground, or hanging baskets, this cactus thrives. For those planting in sandy terrains, a soil conditioner can offer a boost to its growth. A sunny position is favoured, and water should be sparing, especially during Makuru to Djilba (winter to early spring). To encourage healthy growth and flowering, apply a cactus-specific fertiliser during Birak or Bunuru (summer to early autumn).

Botanical Name Cleistocactus winteri
Common Name  Golden Rat Tail Cactus
Succulents and Cacti
PBR Name
Origin Bolivia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 30 - 80 cm
Width 1 - 2 M
Light Full sun to part shade. Will perform better in shade in summer.
Water Requirement
Flower Colour
Flower Time

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