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The Tahitian Lime (Citrus x aurantifolia x limon), also known as the "Seedless Lime" and "Persian Lime", is a cross between Lemon and West Indian Lime. Celebrated not only for its seedless, juicy fruits and fragrant white flowers from Djilba to Kambarang (late winter to spring), This dwarf form is celebrated for its compact growth habit, making it an ideal choice for small gardens or pot cultivation. The petite size, combined with its robust green foliage, offers homeowners both a space-saving solution and a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and culinary utility.

Perfect for both in-ground and pot planting, the Tahitian Lime's dwarf form fits seamlessly into diverse garden spaces. For those planting in sandy soils, adding a premium soil conditioner optimises its growth potential. The tree favours sunny locations and necessitates consistent watering from Kambarang to Djeran (spring to autumn). During Birak (summer), a touch of citrus-specific fertiliser bolsters its vitality. After harvesting, a light pruning session rejuvenates its form and encourages fresh growth.

Botanical Name Citrus x aurantifolia (hystrix x medica) x limon
Common Name  Tahitian Lime / Persian Lime
Cultivar Dwarf Form
PBR Name
Origin Tropical south-east Asia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 1 - 2 M
Width 1 - 2 M
Light Best grown in full sun, will tolerate part shade
Soil Well-draining sandy/loamy soil enriched with compost. Use a premium potting mix if planting in a pot.
Water Requirement Water regularly and consistantly through warm weather to produce juicy fruit and prevent splitting.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour White with purple tinges
Flower Time Djilba (Early Spring) - Bunuru (Late Summer)
Toxicity All citrus fruit is toxic to cats. Lemons are toxic to dogs. Grapefruit can interfere with certain medications in humans. Non-fruiting parts of citrus plants are non-toxic. Citrus can have sharp thorns which can puncture skin.

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