Chamelaucium uncinatum - TUMBELINA - Geraldton Wax

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The "Tumbelina" cultivar of Geraldton Wax, Chamelaucium, flaunts dazzling bright pink flowers, creating a splendid display from Makuru to Kambarang (winter to spring). A Western Australian native, this particular form is renowned for its elongated, weeping or cascading branches, making it an exquisite choice for gardens seeking a touch of elegance and drama. Besides its ornamental appeal, "Tumbelina" also serves as an inviting source for local wildlife.

For optimal growth, "Tumbelina" should be planted in the ground and, in sandy terrains, benefits from the addition of a soil conditioner. During its first Bunuru (summer), deeper watering is recommended; however, once rooted, it proves to be a resilient, drought-hardy specimen. To ensure sustained flourishing, a light application of native plant fertiliser in Djilba (early spring) is beneficial.

Botanical Name Chamelaucium uncinatum x hybrida
Common Name  Geraldton Wax, Waxflower
Cultivar Tumbelina
PBR Name
Origin Western Australia
Foliage Evergreen
Height 1.5 - 2 M
Width 1.5 - 2 M
Light Full sun
Soil Performs best in well-drained, sandy soil enriched with soil conditioner at the time of planting.
Water Requirement Water deeply through warm weather in its first year to encourage deep roots. Drought-hardy once established. May need extra water during heat waves.
Lifespan Perennial
Flower Colour Bright pink
Flower Time Makuru to Djilba (winter to early spring)
Toxicity Not known to be toxic to humans or animals.

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